A couple of lawyers, Felipe and Rafaela, created the drink recipe for a friend’s party. And Canana was so successful that, by the end of the event, there were already seven orders of the product. Since that, the owners made some improvements of the recipe in order to get an even more pleasant flavour. As they reached the final recipe, with secret ingredients – like a grandmother’s recipe! –, the couple participated to a craft products fair to validate the product in the market. And, once again, the outcome was astonishing: they sold out all the 90 bottles of Canana taken to that event. In January 2016, the business started to work. Felipe gave up his career as a lawyer in order to focus his attention on this Project. And, a year after that, Rafaela decided that would quit her Law career to assist the company management.

Three concepts guided the creation of the brand: 1. Canana is a genuine Brazilian drink and brings in its composition two products closely related to the culture of our country. 2. Its formula was hand made. 3. It is exclusively made with natural products, which have resulted in a unique taste.


It has a high content of “drinkability”, pleases all types of palates, is master in combinations for creating drinks and responsible for cheering parties and gatherings with a simple shot.

the perfect shot to enjoy with friends


Canana descends smoothly and who proves always wants more. It’s ideal for sharing with friends, tasting, partying or even to warm up for a night out.

The banana taste that you need for your drink


The sweet taste of Canana matches perfectly with several ingredients that blend together to create beyond words flavours for your drink.

Our Drinks

The drinks were created from an authentic combination of ingredients, providing a unique experience for anyone who tastes them. Other recipes were adapted from famous drinks, but with the special addition of the original Canana and Brazilian flavour.

Canana Brule

sophisticated combination of ingredients


  • 0,33oz of Orange flower water.
  • 1,18oz of lime juice and Sicilian lime juice.
  • 2,36oz of Canana
  • Tonic water
  • Ice

Drink made in the shaker with simple slam and leach, put ice in the glass and complete with tonic water, garnish with a slice of Sicilian lime, cinnamon stick and banana brule (put brown sugar and use the torch to burn it).

mula russa

Canana’s Moscow Mule


  • 1,18oz of lime juice and Sicilian lime juice.
  • 2,36oz of Canana
  • 1,18 of ginger beer.

Lemongrass foam.


Canana and peach combination


  • 1,35oz of natural peach juice.
  • 2,36oz of Canana
  • Lemon grass foam

Garnished with edible flower and dehydrated fruit



  • 2,70oz of Canana
  • Peach tea syrup
  • Dry ice.

Garnished with cranberry in natura.



  • 1,8oz of Canana
  • 0,8oz of gin
  • 1,8oz of infusion of hibiscos and jasmin flower
  • 2,5oz of sparkling water.

In order to make the infusion, boil 2,5oz of water with 4 spoons of hibiscos and 2 flowes of jasmin

Canana Negroni


  • 1,8oz of Canana
  • 0,8oz of gin
  • 0,8oz of vermouth rosso
  • 0,8oz of campari

Where to buy it?

You can find Canana all over Brazil. Feel free to browse across the map to find the nearest cluster, marked down, or contact us so we can help you!

If your bar sells Canana, but is not on the map, send a message through the form below with the subject: "I want to be on the map".

Contact us

Get in touch! You can see that Canana offers a lot of sensations and dozens of possibilities for consumption.
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